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Ecstasy Bella L'Amore

Ecstasy – Bella L’Amore

After a long day of work, a woman undressing finds herself wrapped in her husband’s arms, whispering his desire for a threesome in her ear. At first, she is shocked… is that something she could handle or is it something she’s already secretly wanted? As they venture out to a nearby bar, they spot Natalie, a long-brown-haired fit beauty. How does she feel when she sees Natalie… is she more turned on or off at the thought of her touch, her lips all over her? As they flirt with passionate possibilities, does this night turn into one that they will never forget?

Ecstasy will get your juices flowing, this classy & sexy short Fiction Erotic story is written for Women by author Bella L’Amore

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Chill Mood Strings Attached

Strings Attached – Chill Mood

In a perfect world, life would be a puppet that we could master. We could control the events we experience every day, so that life could be as perfect as we wanted it to be. However, perfection doesn’t exist. Life is unpredictable and there are very few aspects of it that we can control. Life happens, whether or not it works out according to our plans.

Life comes with many strings attached. As a parent, we aspire to raise our children to honor, love and respect themselves as well as others through our love, protection and guidance. These strings attached soon break as they grow older and have to make decisions on their own. There are many times we wish we could save them from mistakes we foresee them making… pull their strings as though they are puppets, to avoid heartbreak and failure. However, we have to watch them fall with the hopes they’ll rise… knowing we will pick them up if they need us to, dust them off and help them move forward.

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