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BOOK: Café Lori by Natalie Pen

Café Lori by Natalie Pen

You can’t expect to go unnoticed when the new coffee shop in town is named after the “new girl” and run by her mother. For high school Senior, Lori, pronounced Lor-ay, by her French mother, this is all she wants, to finish up the last few months before graduation, flying under the radar.

From the start, Lori falls prey to curious glances from people in town and catty behavior from beautiful girls like Mandy, who is not a fan of Lori’s budding friendship with her boyfriend, Brandon, whose dad just happens to be dating Lori’s mom. The two become inseparable, as the relationship between their parents intensifies, inspiring new songwriter and guitarist Brandon to pen the lyrics of “Falling in Love at a Café.”

With the end of the summer comes the realization that the duo would have to part ways, leaving one headed for college and the other staying in the small town of Poplar. Their friendship is put to the ultimate test, with decisions made that will impact not only their future, but their parents as well.

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MUSIC: Chill Mood – Café Lori

Easy Listening, New Age.

Chill Mood - Cafe Lori

"I was inspired to compose Café Lori after reading the short story fiction love & romance Café Lori written by Natalie Pen." –Chill Mood

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Music: Madam Cox – Fuk Track

Electronica Erotica Music – Electronic Dance Music – Club Music [Explicit Content - Parental Advisory]

Madam Cox - Fuk Track

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Books: Lens Open Wide series by Emily Bordeaux

Lens Open Wide by Emily Bordeaux

Some things are simply irresistible…the camera’s lens…the photographer…. James Young explores the world through the eyes of a lens. He never stops moving. When he isn’t overseas, he’s hopping across the States on his way to wherever he ends up. Even though he doesn’t preplan his destination, one constant remains—women are drawn to his charisma and his camera.

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App: Photographic Journey – Half Dome

Photographic Journey: Half Dome

Join us on a Photographic Journey to Yosemite National Park, one of the most iconic landscapes in the world. We will travel through the glacier-carved valleys, silent old-growth forests of pine and sequoia, and up the dizzying granite cliffs that mark Yosemite as a land of stone. Located in the central Sierra Nevada mountains of California, a landscape world renowned for stunningly beautiful meadows and soaring peaks, Yosemite is the crowning jewel, drawing millions of people from around the world.

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BOOK: Photographic Journey – Notre Dame

Notre Dam Photographic Journey

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, or “Our Lady of Paris” A marvel of Gothic architecture, one of the most prominent monument in the entire France.

Get a breathtaking glimpse at the beauty of Gothic architecture! Ribbed vaulting, Rose windows, richly embellished portals, and medieval stained glass windows are just a few of the majestic appeals of this ancient cathedral.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Nighttime